Borage Seed Oil

I noticed on the margin of a pool
Blue-flowering borage...
— robert browning

Also known as ‘Starflower’, it was traditionally believed to bring courage to the heart and drive away sadness; medieval knights wore scarves embroidered with these flowers and Victorian women added borage petals to wine to lift the spirit, and most importantly, borage is one of the best crops for our precious bees.

Borage oil is praised as a wonder-oil for it’s uniquely high levels of gamma linolenic fatty acids (GLAs) - one of the most effective agents for maintaining healthy, radiant skin. With it’s silken feel and nourishing properties, it’s a saviour for dry skin and boosts natural moisture barriers. Borage oil is also used to treat inflammatory skin such as rosacea.

USES: Skin repairing and hydrating, inflammatory

SOURCE: Borago officinalis, sourced throughout UK

LONDE BLENDS: Botanic Evening Oil (Coming Soon)

Amy Wright