How it began...

When I was a teenager, my family bought an old farm in rural Western Australia, a drought prone area with salt crusted paddocks; the result of land clearing and xxxx. Over time, with help from friends and family we planted thousands of seedlings and regenerated the landscape to establish a native sandalwood plantation. I learned first hand about the intense natural and human resources needed to make quality ingredients for the essential oils and cosmetics industries. So years later when I came to create my own products, naturally the first question was, 'where was it grown?'  

Many natural ingredients are grown in places with limited environmental and labour protections. Deforestation, over-harvesting and workers rights are serious issues in the natural cosmetics and essential oil industries. I needed to know our products were responsibly-sourced, but as a small company I struggled to get this assurance from global supply chains and found it impossible to contact growers directly.  

The decision to choose locally-grown ingredients gave the transparency I needed. I know where our ingredients are grown, can be sure of environmental regulations and have confidence that workers are being treated fairly. Choosing local also gives us low road miles, zero air miles and real relationships with the people who grow and our ingredients. 

Along the way I've discovered that there’s something very beautiful, sometimes sacred, about working with local botanicals. In a society that is often removed from growers, makers and the natural world and the real costs of theor . As well as creating beautiful, nurturing oils, I hope to share how precious these natural ingredients are and provide a way for people to connect with their natural world.

We’re a young company always seeking to grow our understanding and improve the way we work. If you'd like to connect with us or simply give some feedback - please get in touch.